Kraft What’s Cooking recipes “tastes just like a restaurant”

I was randomly flipping through channels when a cooking demo for homemade butter chicken caught my eye. The host of the show was enthusiastically raving about the simplicity and speed of her guest’s “authentic” 30-minute version of the popular Indian recipe. The recipe called for Miracle Whip and Kraft salad dressing along with the traditional herbs and spices. At the end of the demo, the host tasted the result and declared that it tasted just like a restaurant meal.

Uh-huh. Is that what you really want?

Restaurant food is notorious for being overly salty, fattening, highly processed, mass-produced fare. So, do you really want to spend 30-minutes preparing a dish that is comparable to restaurant food?

If you think about it a little longer, you realize this show is brought to you by Kraft Foods and they typically only use nutrition as a marketing tool. But as a passing thought, I just thought it was ironic that they considered “restaurant food” to be a compliment. There are so many better ways to make chicken.

For an expose on just how unsavoury the nutrition of restaurant food can be, check out the Centre for Science for Public Interest’s Restaurant Confidential.

Author: Emily

Emily wants you to become your own nutrition expert. She has dissected countless food products and nutritional supplements to discover which (if any) could benefit her clients. As a nutritionist, her goal is to teach and inspire you to eat best foods for your life – foods that will have a lasting impact on your current vitality and future well-being.