E-volving Identity

Introducing Vitamin e Nutrition Consulting! It’s still Food and Fitness by Emily Kennedy with a more descriptive name that represents what fascinates and motivates me to educate people on how to eat.

Vitamin E represents the evolving world of nutrition where recommendations need to be increasingly invidualized to maximize energy, effectiveness – and enjoyment!

Why Vitamin E instead of another nutrient? Because it’s an example of how vitamin supplementation can be good or bad for you. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that prevents oxidation of LDL cholesterol. For that reason, it was thought to ward off heart disease and was recommended (in supplement form) to everyone with heart disease risk factors. But then new research showed that it did not reduce heart risk and may boost all-cause mortality in some cases. Lots of nutrient supplements (aka nutraceuticals) are like that. Hence, I’d like people to consult a nutrition professional instead of taking supplements randomly. You could be wasting your time and money, or worse, creating imbalances in your body.

I chose the avocado for my logo because it’s contains a lot of vitamin E but also because it’s nutritional value has evolved with our knowledge of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ fats. Once thought to be unhealthy because of its high fat content, avocados have done an about-face and is now seen as a food that is useful in disease prevention because its high monounsaturated fat content.

Author: Emily

Emily wants you to become your own nutrition expert. She has dissected countless food products and nutritional supplements to discover which (if any) could benefit her clients. As a nutritionist, her goal is to teach and inspire you to eat best foods for your life – foods that will have a lasting impact on your current vitality and future well-being.