Is low-carb okay? For once and for all…

Yes. A low-carb diet that fains the white stuff is a good regime. But, no, the Atkins diet is not the best way to do this.

I was moved to write this post after I read Gary Taubes latest exposition in the New York Times. Taubes, of course, is the author is Good calories, Bad calories which made headwaves by questioning if saturated fat really is the worse thing you can eat. I’m of the opinion that no, saturated fat is not the worse thing you can eat (artificial trans fats are 20 percent worse for the heart) but they should not overwhelm polyunsaturates (i.e. omega-3) and monounsaturates (i.e. nuts, seeds, avocado). As with everything in nutrition, it’s about portions and proportions.

Instead of the high sat fat Atkins diet, I recommend the Eco-Atkins diet coined by The Dr.David Jenkins. This ovo-lacto vegetarian version of the high-protein, low-carb diet focuses on soy, nuts, seeds, beans and little bit of low-fat dairy and eggs instead of bacon, steak, butter and other “solid at room temperature” fats.

Still curious? I welcome your questions or comments…

Author: Emily

Emily wants you to become your own nutrition expert. She has dissected countless food products and nutritional supplements to discover which (if any) could benefit her clients. As a nutritionist, her goal is to teach and inspire you to eat best foods for your life – foods that will have a lasting impact on your current vitality and future well-being.

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