Why see a nutritionist?

It’s not just about weight loss. Optimal nutrition enforces the body’s natural defenses so that it can heal itself and minimize disease risk.

80% of illnesses in Western civilization are rooted in diet and lifestyle. If you’ve been to see a doctor lately, chances are, you should have also seen a nutritionist. Everyone who is undergoing medical treatment (i.e drugs) for everything from cancer to high blood pressure needs proper nutrition to compliment their therapy, increase its effectiveness and, if possible, reduce their dependency on it.

Numerous studies document what food to eat or vitamin to take to prevent or manage disease and improve health. Unfortunately, nutrition recommendations are for the general population – not individuals.

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) is trained to dissect the research and translate it into personalized holistic recommendations. Through consulting with a nutritionist, you can go beyond the studies to discover the best foods for your life based your unique needs.

Every food we consume can contribute to our health – or compromise it.

 Discover what Personalized Nutrition Care can do for you.